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We recommend

Räddningstjänsten Syd recommends that all homes should have functioning smoke alarms, a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and a stove alarm.

Smoke alarm

Functioning smoke alarms on each floor and a smoke alarm in each room where people sleep. The smoke alarms should preferably be connected to mains power and connected in series.

Fire extinguisher

A powder extinguisher of at least 6 kg works well for a home, villa, summer cottage or office. The lowest performance class should be 43A 233BC and it should be certified by SBSC, DNV or some other SWEDAC accredited certification body.

Fire blanket

With a fire blanket of 120 x 180 cm you can extinguish small fires yourself.

Stove alarm

A stove alarm with a timer function can stop a fire on your cooker hob. A signal from a motion sensor, heat sensor or smoke alarm in the kitchen causes the power to the hob to be cut.


Learn how to prevent fires and what you can do if a fire does start in your home.

Where can I buy fire safety equipment?

Smoke alarms, powder extinguishers and fire blankets are available from most stores and supermarkets. For other types of fire safety equipment there are specialist and online stores. Many insurance companies can provide good tips on brands and retailers.

The municipality and county council are also able to provide help with adapting homes and sourcing aids to compensate for a person’s impaired or lost physical function or their ability to manage their daily life.

Contact your municipality or county council for more information about your options for adapted assistance. You can also book a free home fire safety check from Räddningstjänsten Syd.